Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Forest O' Dildos?

I was on my awesome friend Kayla's suite, and I saw her crystal cave - that she used the Starpoint Cheat to get- (wish I had). Then behind the Unicorn's ass, I saw what looked like, to be a Forest of Dildos. Immediately, her pussycat said meow.

I did this just for a laugh... hahaha! :D Now, be gone! By the way, I love her outfit - she's my personal Style Star, but I don't do that section of the blog...

(Oh well, I get to be a mondo b*tch!)


The Star Dose said...

lol, that's funny

and she so rock that outfit.

peachygirl536 said...


elleo said...

That's frigging hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Eww, that's really nasty. You suck at being a gossip journalist.

jenminne said...

that made me laugh forever!!

crazi_babi* & shoppbabe12 said...

hahahhahaaaaahhhaha lmao

lovinitlovinit said...

Dang boy!
You need some cash!! Only 5 buckaroonies?
Gimme a shout out whenever we're chatting (IF we chat tomorrow...stupid soccer camp)
and I will give you 15 magical stardollars! :D
THATS how nice I am!
Thank your bro! :P