Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yes, when you thought I couldn't act any gayer, I proved you wrong. I know my Cher (really well) and I know my style! ;) And, this time around, Stardoll has fused it together. With Native American prints not having been done in so long (excluding Native Peruvian) this is sort of a not very designer breath of fresh air. You can say, Isabel Marant did it, all day long but I'll disagree.
Hers was more Eskimo meets Icelandic trucker and has a love child (that's kinda plain, and tacky). I do, although like the boots. They remind me of Minnetonkas.
The things I HATE about it are the costumes that look like they literally where taken from the set of Squanto/Pocahontas, an somebody's had sex in them. I mean, honestly, the graphic designers have gotten pretty bad. It doesn't even look real, and besides the point the new doll is absolutely HIDEOUS. The animator should be jailed with no payroll. But, any way, yes, I just disproved you, SO SUCK IT! :D (you can say, "I can't, my mother told me not to put small things in my mouth" and I'll laugh in your FACE, B*TCHES! I say that with love, and lots of it)


The styled tranny! XD
P.S. Cher wasn't the first thing I thought of. It was a movie (that I wanna make) called, Dude, where's my horse? ha ha :D Have fun bitches!


Perez Fan said...

LOL! OMG I SHOULD MAKE A NEW BLOG CALLED TRANFAN! Nah, JK. But I may feature you on my blog... :)

Anonymous said...

anthony has a small penis? WHA????!!!!!!!

lovinitlovinit said...

LOL Anthony!!!
"When you thought I couldn't get gayer..."
You know we love ya!

soovintage said...

Anthony, I agree with you!
The new doll is not hideous (in real life). She's an argentinian model and she is beautiful and very nice. Stardoll made her and her clothes ugly. :(

Alexas said...

"Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves..."

Everyone loves a good Cher song, Anthony! Don't be ashamed!