Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Open Letter To the Daily Bore.

Dear Daily Tabloid,

I'm so sorry Anna, but YOUR TABLOID SUCKS since you've let Serena, and that no-body I don't even know take over. The topics are boring, and to be honest THIS blog, that's probably less than 1 month old, is doing better. At least it's fun, intellectual, fashionable, and witty. You used to be my go-to gossip source, but like VCR's and Gossip By Elle, you're obselete. Either get better, or just stop. It's a waste as it is, as of now.

Your not-so-faithful tranny, Anthony.


Alexa said...

I agree, the blog isn't what it used to be. It sucks azzz now and the writers are fucking stealing others stories.

Mango99999 said...

The other person is nearlyours2 and I totaly agree. They attempt to write deep meaningful posts. However much they claim to feel 'passionate' about these topics they clearly dont even know much about the subjcts, the latest topic on sexism is rambling and has no real point to it. x

lovinitlovinit said...

"Like VCRs and GossipbyElle..."
Gossipbyelle is so low you compared her to a VCR! XD That was classic.

And yeah, I used to check up on that sight weekly for my TOP stories...now I refer to Perez and this one! :D

XD I still can't get over that quote!!!! That was hilarious to me. ANYWAYS...Britney! Get your booty online! Candie's by Kohl's is here! Type up a post!

PerezStarGossip said...

AMEN sister friend :)

Brooke said...

Their blog sucks, it's war bitched!

I have money on this blogcoming out vicotriously though!


Serena said...

I am sorry. Read my apology on the blog.

S x