Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SDG Interview: Model-Selena

If you believe that rumors that, along with Style, talking to Model-Selena is like trying to book a tabel at a new and trendy New York City resturant, you're so wrong! Selena, although busy with her much hyped teenSTYLE, is a pleasant and stylish girl who gave our blog and exclusive interview on the mag, her image, and that unfortunate Covergirl leak!

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While I was conducting this interview, our friends at the Daily Tabloid leaked, with a lot of unneeded hate, the covergirl for August's issue of teenSTYLE. Here's what Selena had to say on the matter. As much as I wanted a suprise, I think she is right.
(Again, Click to Enlarge)

So Selena, if you're reading, we are truly greatful for you giving us the scoop!
3 More Days!


Mango99999 said...

Wow... I wonder how DailyTabloid got this news.

Anonymous said...

Her medoll is actually really beautiful ans she seems really sweet and kind!

When will the issue be released? (I know August, but when? lol)

Anonymous said...

The fucking article says "3 More Days" in larger, bold print stupid ass. Good Interview Brit Brit. And yes I'M EXCITED!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just started a new blog:


Check it out if you want! It doesnt have too much articles, but thats only cause i JUST started. there will be more soon. thanks!

lovinitlovint said...

I am FURIOUS at Daily Tabloid!! I wanted it to be a surprise!

Selena is an extremely nice girl! I've chatted with her a few times! She is funny, too!

Alexas said...

I'm soooo excited!

Brooke said...


I'm so damn excited to see what's new and different with this magazine. Knowing Isabella, Selena, and Ellie, I know I won't be dissapointed. I'm suprised at the Covergirl pick though...

Lindsay is stylish, but she's nothing special!


LPD said...

Who cares? Selena and her tired little magazine are completely irrelevant. She's old news, and so is her magazine and it isn't even out yet lol.

peachygirl536 said...


Come'n people! It is just ANOTHER stardoll magazine!
It's not going to be as great as this blog or perez.
It is going to be as boring as style magazine.

daniella Oberle said...

Selena, you're better than Milly. And? I like selena perez and you too. She was very younger person and playing the movie on selena,in the dinos. Good actress in the movie. I like about her is singing and dance. She was playing the movie on Jennifer lopez and i have a any cds of her's. Because? i was listened to the music on computer.