Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh Snap!

As always, fakeshake3's (Ellie) outfit kicks ass. Well, today especially! I absolutely ADORE it. Was the scent by Dior, called, Jadore named after her? After much speculation I've decided yes. She takes so much pride in what she wears.

From the make up that is absolutely spot on, to the perfect combination of rares, new crap, and random things she's created the perfect child. (I love her suite too! :D) What I like especially about her outfit is how it doesn't match, because it doesn't have to. It's goes, and that's all you need. Ellie's style is as broad as the amazon river, and as detailed as a rococo cathedral nestled atop a high German peak near the Rhine river. The thing about her is, she takes pride in how she looks, and in today's society that is almost as rare as a person who is truly creative. So, take a page out of this month's book. Be classy, stylish, and most of all-- your self.

Peace out,

Your loving tranny,


lovinitlovinit said...

That was beautiful..

Its amazing how a virtual doll can show confidence. Something about it gives you that feeling! I try to boast that but it comes naturally to her.

I liked the whole outfit EXCEPT for the shoes, which to me was a poor choice. Eye makeup? Superb.

LPD said...

All of you have been smoking too much hash. There is nothing special about the way fakesnake dresses. She wears a dress with shoes, and all of you are like WOW OMG! What a genuis! Stop drinking the Kool-Aid bitches. There's real style talent on Stardoll and you're all missing it because you have your heads too far up the collective Elite ass.

Britney said...

I can't help it that she looks fierce. I do feature a lot of other "Style Stars" on this blog, though. Check them out, it's a weekly thing.

Brit Brit

lindzeee said...

fierce? sure, if by "fierce" you mean "boring".

Anonymous said...

i really love her makeup lately, very inneresting

Anonymous said...

Are you a kiss-ass or what?

Anonymous said...

and why are you still her friend anthony? she makes fun of you behind your back ALL the time.