Thursday, July 24, 2008

You Are Either In or You Are Out

Have I died and gone to some parallel (I can't say heaven.... gotta be "politically correct") Universe where Stardoll's new 'trends' are up to date? I couldn't believe it. Take a look for your self. They're using Native Peruvian prints, which some one by the name of ROBERTO CAVALLI used in his new collection. (There's also a little Cinderella, my fave Disney princess).
It's un-fricken-believable. I wanted to take a hot curling iron and shove it up Stardoll's ever so tight ass. You could shove a straight pin up it with an ice pick. *score one* *high fives Britney! :D* Besides, some one who doesn't know how to fix her hair right wouldn't not know the right trends. Is someone at large? (Like Nina Garcia, "Editor at Large, for Elle," I almost pissed when I heard Heidi say that on Project Runway) I don't know. You never do, until it happens.
Until like 2 more hours when I write another,

Your faithful tranny, springboy


lovinitlovinit (Cam) said...

WOAH!!!!! Stardoll!?!?!

*Insert dramatic music*

Thats amazingly.....good!
Callie must be on the verge of loosing her job to an actual fashionista....

Stardoll should strike...again! :D

This is time we get a better fashion person with GOOD hair!

Mango99999 said...

Hmm well that is very unusual for stardoll to be on top. I like the tapestry.