Monday, July 28, 2008

How Do You Explain This?

Sophia, you said I blocked you. Well, how do you explain a picture that shows you blocked me?

I'm such a b*tch. Why don't you put this in your pipe and smoke it? Or, are you to high on your horse (really a miniature pony, she's too poor) to reach down and take my pipe? Why don't I take a quote from you? Don't touch what you can't afford!




Anonymous said...

Why is she such a liar? She used to be my friend, but now I just don't think she's a nice girl.

sarah said...

jesus manthony, get over it. you're just clogging this blog with your own personal vendetta and it's getting old. don't get me wrong i can't stand sophia and everything you're saying is true, but you're just rambling on and on like an idiot instead of posting about something interesting. move. on.

Mango99999 said...

I dont think you should give her so much publicity.

Brooke said...

Have you ever seen "V for Vendetta"?

Seriously, everyone hate LilMrsBITCH. We all know she's a liar and a filthy scammer. Stop giving her attention because that is just what she wants from you.


Anonymous said...

anthony, i liked you better when you were blaire.
you were nicer. now your so mean to everyone that it is annoying.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Now you're just a bitch. and yea get over it. you were nicer, and now you're a whore. doing what whores do.. Whoring attention to yourself.