Friday, July 25, 2008

Stay on, b*tch!

Today I wondered,"How come Fever hasn't been throwing parties?" Then I realized, SHE MIGHT BE GONE. Just like, the last time. (See Here) Why would I wonder this? Click on the picture to enlarge. She hasn't been on in a week, and if I remember correctly this is how it started last time. Will we see more of her? Let's wait it out. (And yes, she blocked me, go ahead and laugh...)


Mango99999 said...

Yeah, I thought the party scene had been kinda quiet.

Anonymous said...

The party scene has been at Perez's.

lovinitlovinit said...

Yep. And Davina has been on the down low too. :/

Maybe people are actually realizing there is more to life! *Gasp*

When school starts I am going to be on UBER less. Thats when I see my 3D friends daily. (Yes, I actually have 3D friends)

Anonymous said...

She always does that, and everytime she "disappers" I noticed that branman4545 and davina start missing to, I have a feeling they're the same person.