Thursday, July 24, 2008


I've been watching our not-so-close friends at the Elites of Stardoll blog and finally, my suspicions were confirmed. After obviously stealing the graphics from the Linda story, she decided that she would repost a story that I used on this blog under the same title I had come up with ever so cleverly (ah-thank you). Here's the thing that really bugs me though, the thieving and morbid author can't even manage to spell the stolen material right. Honey, it's spelt F-I-E-R-C-E, not F-E-I-R-C-E. (Click the Image to Enlarge: Left-Copy, Right- Original)
And don't try to feed me a story that "we both came up with the same title" bullshit... I know I'm new to this whole Blogisphere, but I'm not stupid. Why can't people be more original in this world? An even better question yet, why do people resort to stealing other's hard work?


PerezStarGossip said...

I know how annoying this can be, I've had it done to me as well. But here's a tip Brit-nay: Posting her url and therefore giving her free publicity on your blog is sort of like doing her a favor, lol. That is why I choose to just ignore the wannabes.

In the end, it's the better blog that people will keep coming back to. The posers eventually fade into the background.

Alexa said...

Perez is right, but thats a bitchy thing to do. I went to her blog and it sucks compared to yours! don't worry girl, your blog will last, her's will fade...

Mango99999 said...

Haha she can't manage to think up her own stories!

Brooke said...
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paris101fan said...

Yes, this is the girl who you are calling the posts 'shxt'.

I honestly didn't mean to copy your blog,really.

You don't have to, but whatever. I know i didn't copy. And i'm not the only one to have thought of the word fierce. And how i spelt it wrong? Simple mistake.


And, i don't really care if you guys don't read my blog - its not about trying to be the best blog or anything. I do the blog for fun, a hobby. Alot of people have blogs, and yeah, i get crisiized alot. But oh well, aslong as i stay true to myself, and keep blogging i'll be fine.

Love, the Girl who is cristizied for having shxt posts. :) lol


Anonymous said...

Whoa. She spelt a word wrong. I don't think THAT should be in a GOSSIP tabloid.

What a waste of space...

morgan said...

you can't really call this a gossip blog britney. perezstargossip is a gossip blog. this is at best a stardoll fashion/news commentary blog. don't kid yourself lol.

rihanna_best_si said...

That happened to me too.
That Bitch Slut and Fucker copied MY pictures from my Blog!
Fuck her!
Shes a Slut!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about over-reacting.

u guys need to fuckin chill.

But really. Calling her a slut, and a fucker. telling her to get fucked ect. is not friiggen approitate.