Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reinvention and Inspiration

I'm beginning to think that Madonna may not be the Queen of Reinvention anymore. Stardoll's very own Ms. Ellie Watson seems to have taken her throne. See here, as she creates yet another fresh and fierce look that I'm sure will be mimicked by hundreds of girls tomorrow. I personally love the sleek hair and rosey lips, but what do you think, hot or not?
UPDATE: Ellie has informed me that this look was inspired by a model from the YSL 2008 Spring/Summer Ready-To-Wear line.


2 comments: said...

seriously, what is wrong with you people? first fag puff featuring smEllie twice on perez, now you? and for what? because she put on a dress and a pair of shoes? smEllie has no style or personality (besides "bitch") and saying she's overrated is an understatement.

Britney said...

I featured her because, whether you acknowledge the fact or not, she has style. The article wasn't about her clothes it was about her new look. Read the fine print!