Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Star Awards: Hit or Miss?

Barely a week ago, the 60th Annual Emmy Awards flopped worse then Mariah Carey's "Glitter" (Yes, I was one of the five people who saw that in the theaters!) with their lowest ratings in history. Of course I'd partly blame the lameness that opened the show (is anyone as sick a Ryan Seacrest as I am?), but maybe people are just sick of the same-old, same-old of the awards shows. That being said, the new take on the old tradition was met with both criticism and praise.
Personally, I thought the show needed a lot of work. It was too quick, too chaotic, and a bit fabulousnessless. Props go out to UndaMyUumbrellla and Jeremyn2005 for giving it their all! My highlights included my lovely co-writer Anthony winning the coveted 'Best Dressed' and the announcement that the new releases were HALF OFF, and my place of work being chosen as 'Best Buisness'!
Best Newcomer:

Best Medoll:
Best Dressed:
Best Suite:
Best Personality:
Best Magazine:
Teen Style
Style Magazine
Best Business:

Singing Mermaid
Fever Cole
Best Modeling Agency:
Chris Fresh
Eternity Models
Special Achievement Award:
What Do You Think? Hit or Miss?


writemarycat said...

Haha, really,was too fast..I just came - and saw that people congratulateme for best magazine and then best modelling agency..Chris Fresh did ot won it, we did it :)
But, thanks to all votes,though!

xoxo, Mary

Gia Baby said...

cool. I picked most of those myself. yay!

shinydiamond said...

why are there always the same people awarded or nominated?It seems as if there were just 25 people on stardoll writing abt one another all the time, its getting boring. There are a lot of people who have great medoll, suites, blogs, personalities but obviously people are just too lazy too look for them its easier to write Isabella.Arci is the best- and it is just not true, face it. What is she the goddes or what?

Anonymous said...

i agree, there are always people from the same clique voting for one another it is just so pathetic and u always know who is going to be awarded or mentioned , so sad

nevena12 said...

yeah, Isabella.Arci best dresses- joke, right? she is able to put like 3 outfits that she wears all the time. Go check her suite, she is still standing there wearing the same "layered dress" for like 2 weeks. People just kiss her ass all the time, god knows why

Anonymous said...

*yawn* Boooring! *yawn*

Funk said...

Pff same old same old.




It's like seing the old Star_awards again. Doesn't interest me. :)

Congrats to the winners though, some of them deserved it.

Maddie said...


Undamyumbrellla said...

Yeah, it did go kind of fast. As a presenter I probably should've waited a little bit longer between the time each winner was announced. =/

Congratulations to all of the winners though! You all deserve it! :)

Anonymous said...

Fakeshake3 won? How? Why?

yasas10 said...

Antony totally deserved to win.
A boy with great fashion sence.
But it's time for the awards to choose new people.
Same old, same old...

Anonymous said...

The BEST moment was when FakeASSSNAKE kept excepting awards for people saying "She asked me to accept this on her behalf" Then Mary came and was like "Hellll Naaaawww"

Ashley (BeverlyHillsHei) said...

Eternity Models won best Modeling Agency!!=]

AC Viper said...

star awards? what the fuck is that?

Love ,Dei(To_Royal) said...

LOL It was TOO fast!
I was 8 minutes late and I only caught the last two awards announced :S Like,wtf?

But all and all I did love going to Fev's for an after party :)

Anonymous said...

Not agreed with first 2
Fakeshake is just too well known for some reason and her medoll is always the same
&& MY-SHOP was a complete arsehole to me last awards.

I never attended this one, too short notice.

PoisonxCupcake said...

I wasn't there,
but from what I read, the presenter should've announced a winner, let people party, announce a winner, and so on.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad springate won.
I was praying Isabella.Arci wouldn't win.
She has no style.

matulka said...

Isabella.Arci is a one , dumb bitch

Anonymous said...

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