Sunday, September 7, 2008

Style Get's Fierce

The seemingly un-touchable mega bitch, is back into the groove. Not the groove of overly-thorough-and-very-thought-out outfits (cute maxi btw), simplistic but not plain, tempting but not promiscuous. With the end of her incescent reign of terror over the stardoll magazine world over (cough, ETERNITY, with me in it, cough) it seems like she has realised why she came to stardoll. Not to be in competitions on the FdCcStar account, or create fabulous magazines.


Fashion- Double CHECK


With a new friends list (with some shockers), a new Stardoll outlook, and newly reinstated fashion sense, and two of the HOTTEST magazines on Stardoll, Style is back.


Anonymous said...

Wow! She's FIERCEEE. I l-o-v-e HER!

Mimi_Mami said...

She is an amazing fashion icon.

A trendsetter.

Rhiann said...

Didnt I say she'd make a comeback?!
Fashion-wise, anyway.

But I do kinda miss R.F - Good 'ol crazy always made me giggle at her ability to have an online breakdown.

trinaaaa said...

style is so anti-climactic for me these days. i really couldn't care less about her or what she chooses to wear.

Fag_Puff said...

She looks like a brothel madam in that picture, give the bitch a whip and she could be running stardoll's premier whore house.