Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't Read This, If You're A Virgin to My Writing

I'm back on, for the sheer reason that I can't go around, and take this. What I am about to say has nothing to do with me being without power (I'm at my bff megan's house), and will scare those who's eyes are virginal to my writing, and even worse the new clothes in the shop. Stop reading, now if that applies or you will regret it.
For 1 and 1 half years, I've been satisfied with the mediochrity of this website... until recently when it seems every one lost their morality and even worse, their sense of fashion. Well, this applies for most of stardoll and the seemingly bi-polar stardoll staff. I don't say this out of spite, because I have nothing against any one who works for stardoll. At least, I did until now. The perfectly lovable, perfectly respectable, perfectly inexpensive current collection (of the Chanel theme) evoke[d] a modern woman's chicality and screamed, "Viva la Revolution". But, with one click of a button the days (that seemed like weeks) of perfection where ruined. I am not, exaggerating. When you see the new clothes in the wonderful colors of vomit-green and saturated-brown. The saddest thing isn't the 'old as dirt' leggings, or the cheap maxi it's the fact that people are purchasing it.
As of 9/15 2008 the 2 stardollar lime-green bag is the most popular item on stardoll. Not to mention, it's cheap, old, and looks like a fake version of a American Eagle bag I saw on Canal Street I saw not too long ago (yes, I was in NYC but that is off topic) that let me mention was a fake of something that a person from 'Ki-en-tu-ucky (some pronounce it that awful) could afford. Another thing that angered me where the straight-from-the-sex-shop gauntlets (a.k.a. arm warmers) that where completely and utterly heinous. Although what I just told you about seems awful it surprisingly got WORSE with the addition of the puice colored lace up boots that not ever a hooker with a heart of gold would wear. She'd leave them on the sales rack for Hifof/teale. And since I'm on a rant, I would also like to say that stardoll has been running around acting like they've gotten better. The truth is, it's the old stardoll (that it seems like is quoted all too much as "the good life" which, by far isn't because of the exclusion then, and the lies) masquerading as a better future.
Well, the season finale of Weeds is coming on. It's Megan and my show, so I'd better go. I'll get back with you guys tomorrow.


Lorie said...

That was refreshing :)

When I saw the clothes, I was like.. Oscar who? Oscar the grouch.

LaPrimaDonna said...
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Amelie DeLacroix said...
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LaPrimaDonna said...

That was a lot of blah blah blah, just to say the clothes suck. So what? It's kind of sad that you care so much in the first place. If you don't like something then just don't buy it. Yeah sometimes Stardoll's designs are fugly and they're lazy and re-release the same fugly shit. Who cares? Like it even matters, it's not you'd be able to put together a decent outfit even if everything Stardoll released was great.

p.s. Britney can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE set your playlist not to start playing automatically?

Rhiann said...

Lolz at the hooker with a heart of gold would leave clothes for Teale/Hilfof.

Stardoll seem to be getting more fugulous by the day.
The styled outfits (on the manakins, when you click 'shop') make me gag. I doubt anyone would wear leggings without dresses/skirts. Unless that person happened to be an Flashdance reject, and not in the good way.

arna-rut said...

Lmfao, i have to admit, i dont understand a word. xD It sucks to be icelandic and not understanding english well, but GEEZE stardoll is re-releasing RARES!! its so fckin annoyin, your startin to get scared collecting rares cause you might just log in and see them in the stores :/

`Ellie x3 said...

That was written perfectly!
Anthony writes what we all are just dying to say so perfectly :P
How? I don't know :]
You're really talented at this.
Yeah, it WAS a lot of blah blah; but it made some sense!

`Ellie x3 said...

To laprimadonna : please stop acting oh-so-superior. The sites visitors would like to leave without being sick :)
+ last time I checked this blog didn't belong to you?
So let springate write whatever he wants. You are so moronic.
You say it's sad he writes about the clothes that suck- why do you write about the article that sucks then?
And last time I checked every member with SOME taste or style actually cared :)

Anonymous said...

laprimadonna is a loser.
i think its good that someone is speaking their mind! LET IT OUT HONEY!!!
But the lime green bag is inspired by old luella bartley bags. callie said in ask callie once.

Maddie said...

BOO! The new outfits suck @ss!
Aggreed to what you said, anthony!

Peace :D

arna-rut said...

to laprimadonna;

if you dont like it, its called turning the sound off, you should really try it :]

LaPrimaDonna said...

Whiney insipid bitches always stick together :). Have fun on the playground children, try not to sniff the Elmer's glue any more often than you already [clearly] have.

Talkzi1213 said...

Do you know what I fxcking hate, the fact that people keep bashing Teale, you didn't take the time to actually get to know her, maybe if you weren't such azzholes to her she would actually open up to you instead of going into bitchmode to defend herself. Get a fxcking life. if you hate her so much, then why even mention her. You're pathetic.