Friday, September 5, 2008

You Are In...Kind Of.

In the world of fashion, you are either in or you are out; Stardoll's newest editions to the ever growing slate of Real Brands are Jordache and it's sister line Heidi Klum by Jordache. Personally, I find myself in l-o-v-e (which reminds me of that horribly catchy song by Ashlee Simpson) with most of the line. The items are sexy, flirty, and are almost exactly what I expected from the famed designer. Uno problemo: most of the jeans, which are arguably Jordache's most popular items, are sub par to the variety of colorful and clever tops included in both lines.


The Heidi Klum inspired line is geared more towards an older crowd with its sharper silhouettes and darker colors. The line as a whole is practically flawless, apart from a few select pieces. The first of which would have to be the Seinfeld "Puffy Sleeved" inspired shirt which translates very well in reality, but not so well in our virtual reality. I'll no doubt still purchase it, but DAYUM, its the weakest of the bunch! And who ever told Stardoll that "Acid Washed" jeans meant yellow spotty denim? Sorry, but no. Not to mention the actual fit of the jeans sort of helps them to their failure.


Loves it, bitches! From the leopard print skinny jeans to the shirt which reads "I'm So Rad," I am completely sold on the Jordache line! It is colorful, clever, and so creative that I want B-Slap it and then kiss and makeup (that sounds weird, but deal!). Jordache's main line offers jeans with a bit more flare and fierceness; I mean, I could totally see myself strutting down the street in a pair.
P.S. They better release those VOTE shirts from the catalogue!


`ElliieMuffiin.x3 said...

I love it too. It's fabulous.
I adore the leopard skinnies.
Well done stardoll! :P
P.S: First to comment woop woop! Lol

jenminne said...

I love the new collection too,
its supercalifreshious.
And the skinny jeans look hottt.

Gosia said...

I Love The Bat Wing Shirt And Gladiators! I Paired Them With The Leopard Jeans, And DIdn't Buy It, Per Superstar, Is Not My Thang

Maddie said...

Yeah! So cute!
I bought some!
Check out my suite