Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Stardoll, has released yet another new feature. No, it isn't virtual orgies (SHIT, I was hoping for that.... jks!), or better yet some new technology. It is the catwalk, where you choose the medoll that isn't completely and totally unbearable. So, I've decided to review a few outfits from it, for some pure, bitchy, pleasure. Let's take a trip, into fashion hell.

Look 1: Clad in the new Abbey Dawn collection, I've decided that she is the second most bearable. Clearly she has no fashion skills regarding the fugly chucks she has on (ewww) and plaid Bermudas.

Look 2: I've decided that this is the most bearable for two simple reasons. It looks okay, and is somewhat reminiscent of (SOMEWHAT) Chanel last season (minus the jeans) I don't like the shoes of course. What she could have changed was, the pigtales. She looks like she wants to like a lolly pop, that is made out of flesh, not sugary goodness.

Look 3: WHAT WAS SHE THINKING! I swear to god, my vision got a teensy bit worse after I saw it. She looks like a foul, venereal, disease carrying, street walking, wh*re. From the orange pig tales to the rosette stalkings. The only thing cute is the Hot Buys shoes. ENOUGH SAID!


Rhiann said...

I was hoping for the orgys thing too.
Or maybe virtual coke-sniffing competitons.
I like this feature though. But I dont get what the point is...Is there a winner everyday?

Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon the first one isn't so bad. It's sort of punk style which is really common among teens. Personally I don't like it, however as 'punk-ish' outfit is perfectly in theme. You know, it's not like everyone tries to wear like well-known brands, and those who try to most of the times fail without realising it. ;-)

Kimberly Davids said...

Ha! Anhtony, you and your crazy energy. :D

Maddie said...


lovinitlovinit said...

Mhm...I gotta agree. I went to try it out but it looks like all the outfits are god awful hideous.

Anonymous said...

Omdz have you noticed the one thats winning right now..
its completely boring cheap and imaginative.. how can something like that "rule the catwalk" >?

Dei* said...

Shit! If THAT is how these Covergirls are winning then I am not surprised ,we have been seeing some...interesting girls win

Iina said...

Haha, I love the catwalk, It's so awful that it's good :D