Friday, September 26, 2008

Dolce and Gabbana goes to the dogs!

I know what you're thinking. NUH-UH!! DOLCE AND GABBANA'S NEW SHOW IS ONE OF THEIR BEST ONES YET! I know that, and I completely agree. I just had to show you the dog one model is carrying in the new fashion show. Isn't it cute? What is it!?!?! A poodle? Anyways, if you know put it in the comments!!

I also love the new hotbuys doll!! The pink bag looks absolutely superb and I LOVE the black/green dress, all of the shows, the sequin top and shoulder bag!


Fakeshake said...

Shame on you Anthony!! I thought you of all people would know that GORG dress is Luella Fall 2008 Anyways. Yea, Totally agree. Loved it. And I LOVE the new Hotbuys doll. Love the Fendi Purses and McQueen black boots!!

springate said...

Well, I'm not really that in to English desnigners... I'm more of an Italian kind of guy!! Funny, because I'm from Worcester.

Kayla said...

The new Hotbuys are to die for.
The Hotbuy Doll is fabulous. That doll is officially my giirrll.

I'm not very good with dogs but to me it either looks like a Golden Retriever Puppy, GoldenDoodle Puppy, or a Poodle. :)

Much Love,

Maddie said...


lovinitlovinit said...

I loves the
-McQueen Boots
-The Luella dress

Those are just my faves, though. I pretty much love everything but a few pieces! Can y'all wait till next month?!

Anonymous said...

Yathink, Anthony?
Im 85% British, the other percentage of me is LUUURVE!
Aka. Italian.
I gotta say, The Italians have more class than us british people.
Our designers are more..
Like Galliano (British!!! Bet ya didnt know that, Peeps!!!) and Mcqueen!

Whilst the italians have..
Your racking my brain.
I got up late.
(Cant be BOVVERED to log in)

Anonymous said...

Yup... Golden Retreiver puppy ... awww!

shoppbabe12 said...

I think the dog might be a schnoodle? Or like the person above said, a golden retreiver.

Love ,Dei(To_Royal) said...


And I think the dog is mixed

vodkamartini said...

The dog looks like a poodle/coton mix