Monday, September 22, 2008

About Time...

Let's be honest with ourselves, as much as we've hyped the return of the 'Hot Buys' on Stardoll, every month, month after month, the colletions fell short of being anything more then frumpy, outdated, and just plain boring. I convinced myself that things were gettin better, and thank the lord, because they finally have. While I normally appreciate the effort that Stardoll put into their monthly 'gifts', I think it's finally safe to say that they've been slacking off for the past 6 months. This months items are reminiscent of Stardoll's 'glory days' and feel as inspired as the new Vivienne Tam line. It comes as a shock to me, that after months of pretending like their talent had been drained from them, that Stardoll's graphic designers still have it in them to turn out some drop-dead gorgeous clothing.
Amen, Stardoll God. Amen.


yasas10 said...

Love them!

Sophia said...

Absolutley Gorgey!
Marvy work, stardoll.
I may just wazz myself.

sparklystef said...

I'm fucking in love. These couldn't be closer to my own, real life wardrobe if they tried. Thank you.

Live Green Magazine said...

This Hot Buys are better than previous.

Undamyumbrellla said...

That Fendi clutch is incredible! I love it so, so much!

Maddie said...

Woah! Psyched!

jenminne said...

I love love the new collection!.
Its more my style,
I never seem to have stuff black and pink so much.
But now i flippin' love Stardoll releasing those stuff!!

lovinitlovinit said...


Remember the "glory days" when they did a layout similiar and everything had a THEME and was DETAILED? Bam! We have it back! I LOVE the THEME idea. No more random HBs. This means maybe in a month or two they will bring forth a theme I am in love with (The black & pink punk and they will have clothes worth BUYING! YAY!

Anonymous said...


Alexas said...

I love them so much! I did actually like last months too though! As Tyra said, FIERCE!

Where did you get that thing anyways?

Love ,Dei(To_Royal) said...

I can't wait til I get my paws on that Fendi clutch ,the tights ,and THAT PINK SKIRT!!!UGH I love Stardoll now :}