Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Love My....

Louboutin pumps, just released into the store. They are classified as Jordache but everyone knows the little red sole is, and always will be, Mr. Christian! Check them out in the store for only $5, and, make sure you wear them!! EVERY girl can be fab with the help of designer shoes. Even those who are so ugly, overweight, and grotesque!! Shit, Lindsay Lohan has nothing on the hunchback when he has on some cute Jimmy Choo's!
Until I get a full on orgasm from talking to you guys again,
The Tranny.


LPD said...

You're so disgusting Anthony, seriously.

And those shoes are hideous.

Undamyumbrellla said...

I know, they are amazing! They were the first thing i bought when the two Jordache lines were released<3

In fact, I'm wearing them now. i love them! :)


Anonymous said...



Oh my god You are totally discusting.

They should also call you an ass

Rhiann said...

Thanks for the mental image of a hunchback in heels! :)
Quasimodo <3
My future husband.

And anonymous, pop a fucking chill pill, would ya?

Veronica J. x.vero.x said...

Love them! Please check out my magazine,

Please commment,
Veronica J.

Anonymous said...

you spell it WEAR not WHERE.

in this situation WEAR is the correct spelling. =p

bye loserss

Kimberly Davids said...

I bought some too! They're so fierce!

shut up VERO said...

Vero give us all a break and stop whoring out your "magazine", okay? You look like a desperate douche.