Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Icon Wears Prada

Stardoll's hautest new inhabitant has bought it all. Although she pulls out all the stops with a Coral-coloured ruffle dress, and a cute little purple dropped waist number... it gets even better!! She has PRADA!! It may be last season, but I don't care. It's better than them giving her some of the new Prada (ewww.... frump city!) and I'm sure they'll be releasing some soon enough. The tights, are already in the store!
Tell me what you think! Is Stardoll in too deep with the new addition of Prada, or did you piss yourself when I broke the news (if you didn't already know).
By the way, thanks Undamyumbrellla for the link to (and telling me) about Stardoll's wonderful new addition!!!
Until we meet again.....


Gia Baby said...

I must have!

Sophia said...

Love the tights.
I want to have that fucking dress now.
Where is bukujuniek when we need her?
I forgot 'bout her for like, a year.
The polish queen now is that "Superstar" girl.
Thats her username.
Oh well.

lovinitlovinit said...

I know!! I am so happ's!
I am just lord-have-mercy-glad that it is NOT this season. I am sorry but it is filled with grandma doilies and rose linen lace. NOT cool. As long as they keep with the hot stuff, I say Yay!

P.S. Whatever happened to Chanel? Maybe they are actually deciding to do a lil' bit of every AWSOME designer. I personally want some Oscar de la Renta! At least some Versace....

Maddie said...

I love undamyumbrellla!!

Also britney I sent you an important message in your stardoll mail
Please read ASAP!
Please and thanks :]

Amalia* said...

check out []
you'll love it!