Friday, September 12, 2008

Party of the Year

TylerisBomb, former author over at The Star Dose and popular "Male Elite," is back, bitches! One of Stardoll's most reknowned members is hosting what he promises to be the Stardoll "Party of the Year" tomorrow morning. The dress code is strictly formal, so I'm sure all of Stardoll's Style Stars will be out in full force doning their latest 'Couture' and 'Avant Garde' creations. Also, you can expect as special guest from Style herself.
P.S. The party starts at 1:30 P.M. EST.


Dressing9900 said...


puh-lease said...

Nothing that "Tyler", who is clearly a girl btw, is involved in could ever be the "party of the year". He is such a tryhard it's not even funny. And the fact that Style_Magazine, who clearly made that invitation, and him are so chummy lately is the REDDEST FLAG of all time. Put two and two together people.

Maddie said...

the parties not until 10:30 PACIFIC time

but I'll be there!

poor tyler! haha said...

party of the year? this wasn't even the party of the week, which is saying a lot since there were no other parties this week! lmao :D

Gossip Girl said...

Tsk Tsk, Tyler. From a third-party spectator, that pathetic and dull excuse for the self-proclaimed "Party of the Year" was almost as boring as Tyler is devoid of any recongnizable figment of personality or talent.

It's almost sad to watch these desperate attention seeking losers self destruct in front of my own eyes. Notice I said almost.

The bitch is back.

Gossip Girl

Sophia said...

Gossip girl, Now we really know who you are, STYLE.
Good luck with the Anna Wintour impression.
Hope it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the LAMEST Party Of The Year.

olivia said...

didnt go 2 the party but it seems like it blowed.

rachel. said...

Ok gossip girl, you are stupid.
You think you can Vandalize stardoll blogs by saying big long words, well what really is happening is that you bored us to death.
Go back to your fucking box.

Serena. said...

It was a good party, but it was defiantly not the party of the year.