Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Not Gonna Be Posting!

Hey, it's your beloved tranny here to tell you there's been roaming power outages all across the mid-west. What does that have to do with fame, fashion and friends? It has to do with me. Right now I'm a computer at the library posting this. In Louisville there are over 500,000 homes without power. I am one of those many people! Since, there's no power I can't post!!
Sorry, lovers! :)



Maddie said...


Anonymous said...

Be safe Springy!

hottie_emmy10 said...

I live in Louisville too!Yeah,our power just got back on again,but I'm not going to school today or tomorrow cuz no power there.

pink-penguin3 (Raine) said...

OMG Anthony, I hope your Okay,and hope you get power soon. My Dad is working in Atlanta and is getting power on and off too. But wow you are getting hit in Kentucky?

Serena. said...

Oh Anthony, I hope you get it back soon.


arna-rut said...
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arna-rut said...

oops, Wrote well weird in the other XD

but hope you get your power back soon xx

Anonymous said...

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