Monday, September 1, 2008


I must say, the new issue of teenSTYLE is a September must see magazine!! I really love the detailing of the cover, the wonderful Chanel accessories, and of course Mary (writemarycat) who is on the cover!! The things I don't like are, the army boots (heinous), and the fact that it is the same as every other style project except for the fact that a different person is on the cover. I can't help but notice that Rami Kashou was in the last issue. He was criticized alot of Project Runway, for one reason. Everything he made looked the same, but in a different colour. Well, that is what I say about Style. It is completely flawless and puts some stardoll animation to shame but it just seems robotic.
If you notice in the contents Sudanese.Beauty is giving styling tips. Done, in the may issue of Style. Couldn't she choose some one who isn't part of her inner circle? Becoming part of that circle is like getting into the pentagon. Almost impossible. I'm not just blowing sh*t out of my mouth. I've tried it before, and when I put her into my bff list she threatened to report me if I didn't take her off.

Since I'm on a rant, I want you to continue it!! In the comment box, leave a comment about what you think of her, and if she's been nice to you. (don't get me wrong, I'd still LOVE to be the covergirl...)

P.S. other than what I complained about, I'm sure this issue will be completely, and utterly fascinating if they release the whole thing before I'm 18 years old.


Kitty said...

I think it's frustrating it's the same circle of people again and again, like Sudanese.Beauty or whatever. She's obviously Style in sudanese disguise!

But this is so far the only issue of either sister magazines that I like the look of.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you read Selena's letter, you will see that she was trying to achieve a 1990's inspired look. That is why Mary is wearing those boots, they are very 90's grunge.

lovinitlovinit said...

You know, after the party me and about 4 other girls just sat and talked with Style. We just talked. We talked about the past, present, and future. And you know what? Style is extremely nice. I can't say I know her personally, but from the few hours I chatted with her she seems like a normal, interesting girl who has a knack for magazines.

And I understand you point on how it is always the same, which I agree, but you have to understand that what this girl does is amazing in itself. I have tried accomplishing what she does. It is (nearly) impossible! There is always room for improvement, but for now, I think Style is pretty dang good.

Maddie said...

i love her designing.
but her writing doesnt pull me in and interest me
eternity is my favorite magazine

Alphonsinne* said...

I think the mag's cover looks like Amanda Seyfried's one for Teen Vogue... but I like how she translated it into Stardoll world

Hunnigall said...

Cam, Dei, Vogue.Is.Me, myself and a few others stayed for about an hour or so after the party and had an almost 'One to one' chat with Style. She's extremely pleasant once you get to know her - I did know her before when she first started the Magazine; I've seen Style ever since her magazine was on her presentation. I even wrote for her, but I never got around to writing anything.

The Magazine wowed me out - I don't really mind about the people now (They're so gorgeous that we all know what they'll be like) I want to know where her backgrounds are from! I love the forest background - It looks something like what Gina's cover should've been. Mary was a great choice though, I have to say

- Hunni x x x

Anonymous said...

no one cares about style or teenstyle anymore. it so BOOOOOORING. its old news.

Rhiann said...

Styl has sent me a few messages before - The usual, 'Hello, how are you, what do you think of TeenStyle, any suggestions...'

I do love the cover, although I think that she needs to put less known people on the cover. Interesting and underrated people, not even necessarily girls. A guy on the cover would be a great change.
Peace Out,

Anonymous said...

I agree with you!

Selena or whoever sheis should put all the magazine at one time! Not one article per week!

That is pathetic!


love ya biatches!

Anonymous said...





Blonde_Bum101 said...

Well, I arrived late to the party for the release, and saw the conversations that Style was having with a few other girls. She is extremely nice, truth be told. She has an opinion and has a really good personality, and you should try to get to know her. To the last Anonymous, you need to get one thing straight: writemarycat is not a 'ass kisser', she is one of the nicest people on stardoll right now. Get a life.

pink-penguin3 (Raine) said...

Don't you think TEEN Stye is reminisecent of Teen Vouge August? And the title is exactley thesame font as Teen Vouge. Doesn't it seem like Teen Style is trying to be Teen Vouge?