Sunday, February 15, 2009

You Know You've Made It When...

Stardoll asks you to blog for them. Selena (Model-Selena) is just the latest user to become one, alongside the likes of Mary (writemarycat - who is currently working on The Big Book of Fashion over on Stardoll Trendsetters) and the Stardoll-sensation singingmermaid.. First things first: Selena looks ferosh! Her banner is oozing with hotness!
Secondly, this 'club' is an exclusive one. From what I have heard, Stardoll actually asked these girls to be a part of the Magazine - so don't try asking the magical Callie just yet! And lastly, this job has some major downfalls. You thought these girls were targets for haters before? Well, it is nothing compared to the shiz they are putting up with now thanks to the millions of jealous, prepubescent, preteen bitches that log onto Stardoll everyday.
The Big Question:
Is it worth it? Tell me in the comments!


lhi44 said...

I will do it

lovinitlovinit said...

It's SO worth it.
Honey, I was made for fame...when I was created, the heavenly Gods looked upon me and shrieked "She is built to be a superstar", 'cause I was. I was BIRTHED for this! ;D

But, hypothetically - if Stardoll popped me the question I'd probably get a new account. Too many replies, requests, a bitchy remarks for me to handle! I'd create a secret account and go encognito. Shhhhh. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but no thanks.
I would have to devote waaaaaay too much time to Stardoll.
Unlike "Selena", Mary The Narcissist and SingingMermaid, I have a life outside of stardoll.
I mean, I would always be thinking, what do I post now? I'm a total perfectionist and at school, I'm on the school magazine, newspaper, Debating, Drama Club and have my own blog.
So, honestly, I wouldn't have time for all that. And, when I do things, I don't like to them sloppily, I like to do them well.

Anonymous said...

Style told me, she also is deciding if she wants to accept their offer.

Anonymous said...

I was curious, so i emailed stardoll and asked them how to write for the magazine and they told me
"Thanks for your curiousty.
We are currently finding more ways to invole members in the magazine.
If you have a blog, please send us the link and we will consider it for the magazine."


jeney said...

do they get paid? if so, i'd say it's definitely worth it.

_whoa_ said...

stardoll fame is so hard to get

Mary-licious said...

Well, at first I was really excited to do that, but now I see that it is nothing special...
For sure, when you write and have some tiny little gramatic mistake, like you haven't put a dot somewhere, everybody is comments start to say you are a dickhead, but, oh well - I don't think me or Sel or Singy really care much. Perphaps, I don't.

If they would took back their offer now it would be a big deal for me.
Actually, you just get more visitors.

But it isbetter, than nothing - and I appreciate the possibility they gave me, thought, I am not that into Stardoll right now, I log in once a day for 10 minutes or so.

Lisa (Star-Shop) said...

I would love to be offered that great position! Though it would be hard to know what to blog about, I mean you have to pretend that you like every single thing Stardoll is doing! Still it would be great! :)

Oh yeah, please check out my brand new blog and if you like it please become a follower. Thanks!

Gabrielle said...

Haters just make you feel more successful, cos they are jealous!


clickhead said...

I like the idea of blogging, especially since I love stardoll and writing, but really, in the stardoll magazine?

Anonymous said...

They had to choose these "elites" didnt they.. No nice genuine people who can actually write.

DanPuffs said...

They should get people to blog about interesting subjects, Mary is an amazing writer when she's blogging but Stardoll suppress that, I guess.

& I have to ask, does Model-Selena have a social life? does she have any sort of life outside the internet at all? between this and teenStyle I'm thinking not.

Mary Walkerson said...

Thanks, Dan.
Well, I write about fashion and society things, but mostly on russian. Sometimes it bugs me, cause I actually want to send someof the info and knowledge I have to everybody

x-fabby-x said...

I would do it,
Infact I would love to do it.
Yes people would be jealous and nasty but there would be so many lovely people who would be happy for you I wouldn't care.
Its a way of reaching all of Stardoll, and with power so to speak comes responsibility.
It's more of an honour than anything else.