Friday, February 20, 2009

March Hotbuys

The March Hotbuys picture has been released into Stardoll Magzine! Here are my opinions on the clothes :)

1. Blue Shoes - I do love converse in real life but when it comes to stardoll, I don't wear them often and loads have already been released. I guess they are mildly attractive but are they hotbuys material?

2.Denim Dress - I guess it is pretty but I am not keen on denim at the moment - I'm in a more glamourous phase. I think I might have worn this in winter with black tights though.

3. Skirt - I'm in love! Its a little bit harlequin and so pretty! I have been waiting for this skirt to be released since I first set eyes on it, and on 9th march I can finally get it! I just hope it is not overpriced!

4. Trousers - I'm not sure, maybe if they were less shiny they would look amazing. I think they almost look glittery which is lovely - I am so addicted to glitter!

5. Jumpsuit - Can't wait!!!!! It is so pretty and bang on trend, especially with that cute belt!

6. Bag - Just not my thing but I think a lot of people might like it.

7. Bracelet - I think it is adorable, and a little bit cheeky. I think I saw this bracelet on the catwalks recently. If you know which designer tell me!

8. Body-con dress - I love body-con and this dress is so chic. I think it could be worn casually, or with the right accessories, formally too.

9. Denim jacket - I still am not keen on denim, but I don't think I would have ever worn it, its just a bit yuck.

10. Earings - Chavtastic.


Lisa (Star-Shop) said...

I like a lot of the Hot Buys, I have that skirt in real life which makes me love it even more! The Jumpsuit is gorgeous too! The bag and the jacket aren't that nice. The bracelet is from 'Diseya'.

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LilMrsRich said...

Number 9, the jacket.
How could you say Alexander Wang is "yuck"?
Its lovely!

Anonymous said...

just because it's designer doesn't mean it can't be "yuck", LilMrsRich. And how can you call the earrings "Chavtastic" Gabrielle? Thats so racist.

Anonymous said...

Pat Butcher Earrings XD

LilMrsRich said...

"Anonymous" sorry, its just Alexander Wang is a designer who in my eyes, is an icon. I adore all his work. Sorry Gabrielle, if I offended you in any way.
P.s. Anonymous, chavistic isn't racist, lol.

lovinitlovinit said...

Gotta agree with Sophia - I think that jacket is hawt. I never was a denim jacket person, BUT I love the cut.

Gabrielle said...

Anonymous - Chavs are not a race, they are a style choice...

Do your homework before calling me reacist. I, myself am from a foreign family so why on earth would I discriminate?

Gabrielle said...

And LilMrsRich, I am in no way offended :) We are all allowed an opinion :) x

Undamyumbrellla said...

I love that jacket.
I don't like those pants.
Those two dresses are actually pretty nice.

_whoa_ said...

the bracelet is really the best piece of the march hotbuys collection

lillieex said...

the bag is nicer in real life, my friend has it
the jumpsuit and the dresses are nice
but those pants are nasty

Sophia said...

I agree with everything, Exept about the jacket.
This is a HB collection I will be buying all of.

OMGSammy said...

One word:


The HotBuys are getting worse and worse. When is Stardoll going to back off and stop trying to impress us. It's really getting on my last effing nerves if I must say.

xxSjBbixx said...

Is that dress [Number 8] Luella? If it's not, then it's v. similar :)

If I was in charge of these things, and was going to include some S/S '09 Luella, I would have definitely included a bag. So cute!

Not that the dress isn't :P

Also, I love the jacket and the skirt