Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poll Results!

Heartthrob Edition
When I asked you which one of these hunkalicious heartthrobs you would choose to be your perfect Valentine, I had the feeling that I would not be suprised by your choice. Robert Pattinson a.k.a. Edward Cullen a.k.a. the vampire that every girls wants to be bitten by, topped our poll with with almost half of the votes. Zac Efron and Chase Crawford tied for second, but let's face it - Zac is so much hotter! My personal favorite bad-boy, Mr. Chuck Bass himself - Ed Westwick came in fourth.
Robert Pattinson - 44%
Zac Efron - 20%
Chase Crawford - 20%
Ed Westwick - 16%
Who Is YOUR Dreamboat?


DanPuffs said...

I don't get the Robert Pattinson obsession at all, out of the four - Zac.

Jess said...

Robert Pattinson is NOT hot at all.

lovinitlovinit said...

Yuck! I never had a liking for Zac Efron! He's too good boy for me. Robert Patt - he's fiiiiiiine! :D

(But I must say...*gulp*...he's loosing his charm!)

Anonymous said...

Robert Pattinson, with out a doubt! :D He is gorgeous, and not only as Edward Cullen.

Chace Crawford is also pretty handsome - in a pretty kind of way. He does have some sort of twinkle or something, if that makes any sense!

Mary | Eclipse said...


nechon said...

i love chace crawford.. but ed is cute too... i never ever adore zac, i think.. btw, what is dreamBoat? can u explain it to me? reply in my guestbook..
sduser: necchon

Sophia said...

I think none :D

_whoa_ said...

definetly #4 ed westwick

LilMrsRich said...

Aghh, Rob is so hot. I've had enough of Zac now.
I have the same birthday as Robert, 13th of May!

Sarah said...

Robert Pattinson ofcourse. x)
Zac Efron is totally repulsive to me, so fake.

Fia_fantasy said...

Rob : Hot as Edward, but as Rob, NOT.

Zac : He's ok. But not so much.

Chace : Nothing special.

Ed : Ok too.

My dreamboat is my crush. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Nah.. Chace is hotter than Zac.. Zac is cross-eyed for some reason too and he kinda looks like a girl at times

YourStardoll said...

Robert Pattison, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Zac Efron, I'm sorry but... no thanks.

Lisa (Star-Shop) said...

I don't get the Robert Pattinson obsession either! I don't think he's any bit hot. I wouldn't really know who to choose out of these four, I don't really have a liking for any of them, ah well!

Oh yeah, please check out my brand new blog and if you like it please become a follower. Thanks!

Rhiann said...

Robert Pattison isn't exactly ugly, but I dont get the big attraction either. I think people are more in love with the character of Edward Cullen.
(But for the record, I am a self-confessed Twilight freak.)

Ever heard of Tim Whitfield-Lynn? he's the guy that had plastic surgery to look like a Ken doll, and he looks freakily like Zac Efron.

As the token rocker kid here, I think Gerard Way would be my perfect Valentine (Minus the wife and baby and preferably my age)

Anonymous said...

Zac looks a bit too caked in fake bake.

Jose-io said...

My god! What's wrong wirth you people!!
Zac Efron forever, and ever and EVER!!
Although, that's not hte best picture... but ahhhh... love of my life :P

XoO-Hannah-OoX said...

It's got to be Robert.
Seriously Zac Efron is just another not special guy!
R-Pattz was definately better before the hordes started slavering over him though.

Rachweee123 said...

I like Ed Westwick.

Anonymous said...

Chace is the best, I would have voted so he should have been proper second :P I dont get the whole obsessions over that rob guy and zac. the whole hsmusical thing puts me off him cus they are the shittest movies ever.

Anonymous said...

Robert Pattison is the best <333

Anonymous said...

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