Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Best of Limited Edition

Before you virtually attack me with your umbrellas (very Britney-esque cerca 2007), let me just say that I'm quite sorry for taking so long on publishing these outfits. About two weeks ago, I asked to see what my readers would do with their ridiculously overpriced pieces from the February Edition of LE. Here are most of the entries:
Above: Pink-Penguin3, Naween, fakeshake3
Below: Barbarita17, Rosie333, LaLaLoooLa
Again, I'm sorry for the delay and I'm also sorry for some of the people who entered but due to my laziness were not featured because of the fact that I had not gotten to their pages in time to see them in their fabulous Limited Edition outfits!


M!KA aka Mik-Ma said...

Cute outfits, Great choices.
Just a suggestion.. Saving your images as 'png' make them better quality :P

Britney said...

Thanks so much for the tip - I will do so from now on.

You were one of the girls that I visited, didn't take a picture and regreted it later. You looked gorgeous, and I apologize for your absense up there.


Britney said...


I just tested it, I do not even know how to thank you for this! I wish someone would have told me this about 6 months ago - the picture is so clear!

Sorry, this is big shiz for me!

youlovelorie said...

:o Britney, I can't believe you never knew that! It's so shocking!? PNG saves all the bloggers lives :)

LE, it's cute!

Britney said...

Okay, now I feel like a complete moron, Lorie!


Anonymous said...

ellie looks like shit

Anonymous said...

damn pinkpeguin stole ellies face.

M!KA aka Mik-Ma said...

Nah it's fine :P
Lol, I used to have a (sucky) mag and png also saved my life, No problem :D

M!KA aka Mik-Ma said...

Also to 'Anonymous' you can't steal someones face, that would require you ripping it off. She simply copied her face.. which I don't understand why, because it looks constipated..

Anonymous said...

haha you're right, she does looks constipated.
She should take some pepto.

Lola said...

Thanks! :)

-Maybe- said...

I liked Naween's outfit. It may not have been that original, but at least she smiles!