Wednesday, February 11, 2009

They Came. They Sold. They Conquered.

Almost like the famous Latin saying, this months edition of the Limited Edition came, sold, and conquered. Sure, it wasn't as high quality as the first release that sold a few months ago, but there is almost this LE-Fever that hits you when you see the pieces! From the lot, all I really wanted was the heart clutch, but I spent too much time debating about what I wanted and ended up with an adorable heart bikini and a truly hideous pink blouse (I honestly do not know what compelled me to purchase it).
So, what I want to do now, is see how you've used the February LE items in your wardrobe! When you're dressed up, sign my guestbook and you'll get a shoutout on the blog!


lola said...

I got the pink blouse...and I think it's gorgeous! It was probably the first thing I bought. And of course the heart clutch.

Emma said...

I'm dressed in LE, I think you're right about the "LE-fever" people get, even I who didn't wanted to buy any stardollars this time, ended up buying anyway, for what?
Yeah, for too expensive, not that pretty, closet.
Oh btw. my accont is mysecketlover :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I couldn't buy it.
But, the heart clutch was inspired by Marc Jacobs that's for sure.

And, I wasn't amused by the price of the heart sunglasses, I can get those pretty damn cheap in real life at Topshop. LOL.

Hmm..I quite liked the white dress, it looked quite pretty, with some fishnets, it would look the sex.
Apart from that I loved the sequin shorts, those were pretty cool.
But, I liked what Stardoll was trying to do, introduce a little variety into the LE Collection. I mean, last time it was more dark and rocker, this time it was more relaxed and sweet and girly.
As far as I know, Rock is here to stay. Alexander Wang brings us "RocknRolla" with his collection this season. *Fingers Crossed* and Rodarte's "Carnivore" collection sounds edgy, and, nothing says man-eater like a ripped fishnet and leather. Yummy.

x-fabby-x said...

I wasn't in love with this collection. I fell in love with the over knee blue heart boots but I never have that kind of money on Stardoll. *Sighh*
Why cant we send in pics of clothes we want made?

Angelica Isaksson said...

It's not a Latin saying, it's one of the most wellknown things that Julius Caesar said.

lovinitlovinit said...

I was literally milimeters close to buying a heart bikini, a visor, and a tote.

But then I slapped my hand and hit the 'back' button! :)
I'm trying not to indulge into any Stardoll scams...this batch of clothes wasn't really worth the price to me! Anyone else agree, or am I just being picky?

Sunset0978 said...

I didnt really like any of the items (except for the pink-orange jacket) I preferred the other collection they had :)

Anonymous said...


the visors are still buyable. FAIL on SDs part!

Lisa (Star-Shop) said...

Lovely collection but way too expensive. I got the hearts bikini too along with sunglasses, a bag, a pair of shoes, heart shorts,a blue t-shirt, a blue skirt and that's all. I really wanted the white Cupid dress or the hearts top but they were both sold out when I got there! :( I regret buying some things now- I have a really bad habit of impulse buying!

Oh yeah, please check out my brand new blog and if you like it please become a follower. Thanks!

Miss_lv_ said...

I didnt even know they were out, so i just got the blazer that was left and im wearing it now! (Miss_lv_)

Anonymous said...

Well, buying a pair of virtual converse all star for more than 100 sd when the same stardoll sells them, in another color, for something like 4-5 sd would make anyone not just dumb but a complete moron =P

especially since even in RL those kind of shoes are among the cheapest ones.


Lexie. said...

Well me being the idiot i am spent almost all my $ the day before so all i had left i could only afford to get the Heart Sunglasses and the Pink and Red
But again people are making Stardesign Style LE items, What do you think about those?