Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stay Chic, Five Days a Week!

Since Stardoll is apparently obsessed with the colors purple and black, this morning I was inspired to pick 10 items that add up to under 40 Stardollers! For the full affect of the outfits click on the picture!
(The Items Include: Corset with Suspenders, Lace-Corset Dress , Basic Black Tights, Over-the-Knee Boots [Fallen Angel], Hot Buys Bag [Pretty in Pink], Purple Balloon Skirt [Voile], Studded-Belt [Stardoll], Verushka Dress [Decades], High Heel with Stiletto [Tingling])

Monday: This was the first look I created. I like how each item coordinates with the other. It reminds me of a fabulous business woman.


Tuesday: If I were a girl, I would wear this outfit on a hot date!
Wednesday: This look is very high fashion because of the high waisted, full skirt with tulle detailing.
Thursday: I would wear this outfit to a club in Las Vegas, like Studio 54, Diablo's Cantina or Jet!
Friday: This outfit has the additional splurge item in it... which is a sparkly black dress. I find it perfect for a black tie affair.
If you liked this post, tell me in the comments and I will make it weekly!
Tootles! :)


youlovelorie said...

Great work boy,
I like this idea!
Continue, please :)

lovinitlovinit said...

I <3 it!
Purple is YUMMAY!

TheFemaleDog said...

Wimp. You deleted the last post. Stop being a little baby and accept the damn comments. No one gives a shit about this. I didn't even read it.

Anonymous said...

its stupid like you

Anonymous said...


Elle said...

Cute outfits!

Clothes By Puccapo said...

this is cute :)

Madeline said...

Cute outfits! Finally some fashioN!

TheFemaleDog said...

And the outfits are ugly as hell.

Kayla (Audreyhep4) said...

PLEASE stop criticizing Anthony. Some people do care about his work which I think is BRILLIANT. The outfits are great. I'm glad you're writing fashion again and I think you should continue.

Stop hatin' people.

Tylerisbomb said...

That's more like it.


Anonymous said...

TheFemaleDog go FUCK YOURSELF stupid bitch!!!
The only thing you know to do is to talk and talk "blah blah blah".
Noone gives a shit about you but for springate they do cause he simply hs much more talent than you and he knows what "kindness" mean!

Anonymous said...

It's Fashion B!tch!

Anonymous said...

Anthony you freak.

Horse729 said...

I totally heart this!
The idea is pretty damn ah-mazing, as are the outfits.
Anthony is to genius as thefemaledog is to bitchy.

x Wren

HotStuff said...

I hate the post, it's worthless but I'll stand up for springate here, TheFemaleDog is in no position to call anyone a 'wimp' considering she sits, and anonymously chats shit about people, she does not have the guts to say what she does as herself, she does it with fake pictures and accounts.

TheFemaleDog said...

Hypocritical much? What's YOUR account, HotStuff?