Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Britney, Bitch!

(Image Courtesy Of: Style_Magazine)
My Stardoll dreams have been answered. The head honchos over in Sweden finally recognized that my main bitch, my soul sista, my B-Girl, my 'Toxic' chica, my Pop Princess, my snake charmer, my schoolgirl, my red-catsuit-wearer - that's good enough - Ms. Britney Spears deserves a new and improved Stardoll! My sources tell me that this hottt new doll will be available next week!
P.S. I want to thank Ms. Style_Magazine for designing the exclusive graphic you see above, she has been unable to log onto her Stardoll account for the past month due to a technical difficulty and hasn't been able to answer any of her messages - so I pass along her apology to all those who have been trying to contact her!
P.S.S. Womanizer Womanizer Womanizer


lovinitlovinit said...

If U Seek Amy.

I speak on behalf on everyone when I say, "ROCK ON, BRIT!"

Britney said...

How naughty, CamCam! :P

Oh baby, baby
If U Seek Amy Tonight
Oh baby, baby
We'll Do Whateva You Like...


Mary said...

Same to you, Brit!
Love me Hate me say what you want about me!

PS. I have a Womanizer font.

Britney said...

Mary you better make me a banner and use that font on it, or else!

Mary said...

OK. But you know after what?
If you Skype Mary XD

Rhiann said...

Hells yeah!

French fingertips
Red lips
Bitch is dangerous

I downloaded the extended version of Circus, I have no idea why Phonography and Amnesia never made it on the regular version, they are the best songs out of all of them!

fakeshacke3 said...

mary has womaniz-ah! font

big WOW, really i am blind for it

**snarckastic eye on mary*


Anonymous said...

It is on the spoiler

that b.spears photo!

Gosia said...

I messaged them so much about it!

justforgirlz said...

If you Skype Mary, WTF

who would want to do that


lovinitlovinit said...

Mmm Papi! Mmm Papi, papi! *Ow*

Anonymous said...

REALLY? No nope, Style didn't make this really, this doll is coming to stardoll soon.

PROOF. Wow Style i knew you were a bitch, but a liar too?

Anonymous said...

it only says that style designed the graphic, read and that stardoll will relaese brittany next week

Britney said...

Style didn't make the doll - she made the graphic of the doll with the outfit/hat on.

Stardoll made the doll, like I said in the post.

dodence_bt said...


Molly - The Nicest Book Bitch said...

Great post!

By the way, check out my new blog:

Love you all,
Molly xx

Mary said...

I agree with Rhiann, I love Phonography very much! And Trouble!

Jennifer said...

Great :)

talkzi1213 said...

They wouldn't make a new doll until britney was over her nutso phase. :S

Daire (uplaois) said...

Go Britney, finally a new doll for her! This is the best news I got all day, lol!

I agree with you Rhiann too on how weird it is that the bonus tracks didn't make it on the original album, they were better than some of the tracks that did!

I Forgot My Name,
I Forgot My Telephone Number! :D

Anonymous said...

wow finally some good news.

Applemartini said...

I was just wondering,
do you support my last post? -

Lilyanne Madsen said...

Thanks Style!

Anonymous said...

Shattered Glass <3

Episode said...
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Tylerisbomb said...

All eyes on me, in the center of the ring just like a Circus!


Helen said...

I cant wait to see the doll!

HotStuff said...

Mary, your boyfriend is pedophile.

TheFemaleDog said...

No one gives a fuck about your odd obsession with Britney Spears.