Thursday, January 8, 2009

ISG Exclusive: First Look at Eternity!

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"Everybody Has One..."
A fantasy - that is. It looks like this upcoming issue of Eternity! Magazine might answer some of our own Stardoll fantasies. It is our great honor at It's Stardoll Gossip, Bitch! to share this exclusive first-look at the January issue with all of our wonderful readers. We can also give you the first heads up as to when you should be expecting to see this issue - January 17th! Mark your Stardoll calenders, this is sure to be one of the social events of the season!
A big thanks goes out to the lovely Mary Walkerson (writemarycat) and the rest of the 'E Team' for granting us this exclusive!


see_my_bling said...

I'm so excited, I can't wait.

x-fabby-x said...

Check out my blog (:

Madeline said...


Mary said...

Whoa, no problem.

Today is my blog day :)

lovinitlovinit said...

Fantasy, eh?
Lovin' it.

Mianizer said...
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roxorgirl13 said...

Ahh!! It looks like its going to be the best issure yet :D

Lexie. said...

Amazing :D
I cant wait!

Tamara said...

Yay! The 17th of Jan is my birthday, what a wonderful birthday surprise! =]

Sophia said...


Anonymous said...

ok its not really a first look

Ally said...

I love it!