Monday, July 20, 2009

Perez to Retire?

Say it isn't so! Is the reigning Queen of Gossip finally going to retire her legendary (to Stardoll's legacy) blog? All signs in my Magic 8 Ball of answers point to yes! Shocked? Me neither. Perez has been hinting around since her return this Summer that the outlook for the blog was none too bright.
Above is a comment from the Queen herself addressing the topic. To be completely honest, I think it is definitely appropriate for Perez to do whatever she likes with her blog. Nobody can really come close to filling her virtual pumps, so why should the blog's reputation be tarnished in the act of someone taking it over?

Goodbye Perez, For Good?



Anonymous said...

and its all because of LILA!!

Puccapo said...

i think she should close it. as sad as it is, its no good anymore. its reputation as the most exclusive blog on stardoll with only the best writers has been shattered with the opportunity for everyone to have a trial post.

but i still in a way hope it stays, but stays as the old PSG. The PSG we all loved.

Matilda said...

Perez's articles were what made Perez Star Gossip popular. When Kasia left, and now Dan - all it is is trial posts that nobody reads! We will miss it, a lot, but I think maybe the blog should be closed.

jill on Stardoll said...

It's the right thing to do. No one was gonna fill her shoes, Dan came did a good job when he was there but he's done with Stardoll too now. Eventually you'll do the same Britney. It's only natural for people to outgrow Stardoll.

Britney said...

I agree 110% Olivia.

I still love PSG, and who knows, maybe a comeback is in their future?


Anonymous said...

whoa that message was sent on my b-day lol

Katie (sullivangirl on stardoll) xox