Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On My Radar

A squeal of joy escaped me as I sorted through today's released Stardoll spoilers. A fierce graphic of my driving force's latest single cover, Radar, was staring back at me. Along with my squeal, my face lit up in a smile. I absolutely love when Stardoll takes note of Ms.Spears' pure awesomeness. But that's not the best news! Last night, when I arrived home from dinner, the Inbox of my email was flooded with notices saying that the Living Legend's new video has sprung-a-leak and was now viewable on Youtube! Check it out below, before it gets yanked!

I'm personally still unsure of what to think. Her team elected to do something very safe with a very amazing song. I do not hate it, but I surely do not love it. What do you think?


Gabrielle said...

I love Britney but this is by far my least favourite song of hers...

AllTimeLow = LOVE. said...

Not even close. >.<

Just Saying... said...

Some people are never satisfied.

I'm surprised that you're not feeling it, Brit. You should be her biggest supporter!

Anonymous said...