Monday, July 13, 2009

Parties Ahoy!

Looks like Summer is officially the comeback of the Stardoll parties with 4 coming up in the next week, with possibly some more popping up soon! Unfortunately I cannot make it to either of today's parties! Here is your schedule to the coming week:

Madelyn (Chanelgurl23): Day 'n' Night

Maria (Mimi_Mami): Beauty Magazine Release Party


Gabrielle (punkyfish2007): Over The Top

Maggie (findurlove): What Devils Wear




soovintage said...

Perez is back, and boom!, magically we get party invitations and catfights!
Well, better for the bloggers! wink wink

YaelAlon said...

OMFG, I am so going to rock that OTT party!
Being over the top is the only thing I am realy good at :D

Gabrielle said...

It wasn't magic and I threw a party last week before the return of big P

xBullets-Lovex said...

Im Having A Party Tomorrow To Celebrate My 13th.
When - 14th July
Where - xBullets-Lovex's Guestbook
At - 8pm GMT

See You There?

*Best Dressed Wins A Prize*