Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Morning, Vivienne Tam!

The title of this post was my horrible attempt at a joke. This glorious morning brought something wonderful, though. No it was not a much-needed break from the endless heat, but instead a slice of virtual heaven. The Spring 2009 Collection of Vivienne Tam has been released to Stardoll after months of tedious waiting! Above and below are pictures of the actual looks (straight-off-the-runway I might add) that inspired the hot as ice pieces.
For those of you who do not recall the poll that was conducted eight months ago, Stardoll asked us lowly users which items we thought would be the most drop dead gorgeous on our medolls. It seems Stardoll has quite a selective memory because none of the top vote-getters were selected. To see those, click here. The great news is, however, that we're three seasons into the Vivienne Tam brand and we have yet to see a disaster as monumental as the horrific Spring 2008 DKNY collection, so maybe the Stardoll God (Callie?) is looking out for us!
What Do You Think About the New Collection?


Gabrielle said...

I love it!!!

Gabrielle said...
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amelia321 said...

I don't like the new Vivienne Tam, I guess the first one is always the best. Don't get me wrong, the dresses are beautiful but the fit is hurendous and the prices are WAY to high. :)

VivienneSuxz said...

they sux major ass

Britney said...

A lot of people tend to agree with you, Amelia.

I think it would be absolutely wonderful of Stardoll if they would release a Spring and Fall collection from a a couple of designers, and then pick a few different designers the following year to feature.

Most people get bored after awhile, but I'm still loving the RealBrands!


Anonymous said...
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dawn said...

i agree, britney, it'd be nice to switch up the designers, but stardoll could've just chosen trendier vivienne tam looks as well.

Shayna said...

I bought the Peony Print Maxi dress and I loved it for a few days,now it looks terrible on my Medoll (JustModel).And I agree with you Britney.