Friday, June 19, 2009

Who Wore It Best: The RiPattitoo

The RiPattitoo

What do you get when you add together Rihanna, Robert Pattinson, and a Cockatoo?
No, it is not a trick question. It's my splendidly-wonderful name for the hairstyle that has taken over the Hollywood Hills, the Rain forest, and now Stardoll! The RiPattitoo is all the rage for our virtual locks, but with everyone donning the hairstyle, we have to ask ourselves who's doing it best? Below are some on the wildly ferocious fashionistas on Stardoll that have made the style all their own. So, who wore it best?
Battle One:
Kasia (UndamyUmbrellla) VS. Vanessa (Star_Awards)
Battle Two:
Yaelalon VS. Shanelrouge-
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Gabrielle (cba signing in) said...

Shanelrouge and Kasia in my opinion :)

xKiTTYKiWi said...

Linda and shanelrouge :)

talkzi1213 said...

It's more of a 80's Madonna cut if you ask me - like Pappa Don't Preach kinda.

shanelrouge- said...

Thank you for the feature. :)
We all look great in the new hairstyle.

Omg!Lollipop said...

shanelrouge- & Vanessa/Linda.

Sophia said...

Vanessa and Michelle.

Just Saying... said...

Anyone but fucking Kasia.

Piece of boring, granny shit.

Anonymous said...

Shanelrouge-looks like fakeshake. O_o


Hayley123 said...

Shanelrouge and Kasia
They Look Wonderful !

AnnA-twilighter said...

Vanessa and Shanelrouge


Ms.someone said...

Shanelrouge looks like a Melissa12345 and Fakeshake3 wannabe.

Kasia and Michelle rocked it :)

Anonymous said...

Kasia and shanelrouge

Yaniv said...

Kasia and Michelle, most defienitly.

Shanelrouge- looks 100% like MelissaWhatsHerNumber and other 50% of the stardoll population that share the same medoll.

YaelAlon said...

Thanks for featuring me! :)

Gemma (74Modell) said...


Sarah said...

UndamyUmbrellla & ShanelRouge- I liked hers the best :D).

soovintage said...

Kasia, because she did it in a classical way, and she didn't go for the stereotypicall "punky" feel the hairstyle has.
And Yaelalon, because shanelrouge looks like all those wannabe-elite members that think that DKNY is a suite-showoff must.

Anonymous said...

now, i don't know why this is but somehow i see that shanel girl as the one to be right in the middle of the next stardoll scandal. than she'll be super famous and everyone will probably hate her.

i'll say: Star_Awards and Shanelrouge-

Undamyumbrellla said...

Thank you for featuring me! :)