Friday, April 17, 2009

Who Wore It Best? Spring Limited Edition

Hey y'all! So the brand new Spring line of Limited Edition has been released in the Star Plaza and everyone has grabbed what they can while they can! But the question that still remains, is who wore it best?

The Alice + Olivia Maxi Dress

Miss_LV_ or Ms.Brigitte

The Adam Jumpsuit

babuci1992 or fakeshake3

The Floral Dress

BeverlyHillsHei or Matildaxxxx

Who Wore It Best?


Matildaxxxx said...

Wow; Thankyou so much for featuring me in this post, I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me. Hmm - for the maxi dress, I vote Ms.Brigitte; She wears it with her own style, making it look rather mystical, but stylish. For the jumpsuit, I have to say Ellie - everything she wears, she looks sophisticated in. However, babuci1992 looks great too. And for the floral dress, I have to say Ashley, haha!
- Matilda.

Rare-Trading said...

For the maxi dress I vote Ms.Brigitte. I think the flower in her hair really ties it together and gives the dress the summer feel. I think the dress would've worked excellently with gladiator sandles.
For the jumpsuit, I'll have to give my vote to Fakeshake3. She kept it simple which I liked unlike babuci1992 I think she over accesorised from the highlights the over use of bangle and the belt, I think it just wasn't a good look.
And Finally the floral dress BeverleyHillsHei gets my vote. She kept her outfit simple like Ellie. The Hotbuys bag really brought her look together and the ring and her pink platforms worked well with it too. She got my vote because I think that Matildaxxxx's dress was hidden behind that big silver necklace. It really took the whole look off the dress.
They're my opinions!
Cloda x

John said...

Ellie and Ashley

♥Mehrisa (Sarah)♥ said...

Miss_LV_, babuci1992 and Matildaxxxx.

In my opinion, Miss_Lv_ complimented the maxi dress better with her acessories. Fakeshake3 wore the jumpsuit far too plain, although babucci1992 could have gone a bit easier with the acessorizing, but I liked her's better. :D
And for the dress, BeverlyHillsHei chose better shoes, but I think that Matildaxxxx pulled out everything else better. The make-up is so cute, and the jewelry also compliments the dress nicely. Beverlyhillshei looks kinda washed-out when compared to Matildaxxxx. :D

Madeline said...

1st, 2nd, 1st

lipgloss_babe91 said...

Miss_LV_ , Fakeshake3 and BeverleyHillsHei are my fave from each :) x

EllyEvans said...

The maxi dress: Miss_LV_
The Jumpsuit: fakeshake3
The floral dress: BeverlyHillsHei

Keep it simple and it'll be gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

First matching is a complete mess. No one wins. Ellie for the second, and Ashley for the third. Overall I'd say Ellie looks the best. She kept it simple and it works.

I want some LE. :(

Non-superstar sucksasssss.

dodence_bt said...


Sophie said...

She totally does!